Mehran Rouhani was born in 1957 in Iran. During high school he attended calligraphy classes at the Iranian Calligarphers Association and received his degree in Persian calligraphy in the year 1977. His teachers were Master Vasheghani for Nastaliq style and Master Mosha'shaee for cursive Nastaliq (Shekasteh) style. His strong interest is in cursive Nastaliq as a live vibrant script lending itself freely to make different compositions.

In 2008, Mehran moved to United States and resided in California. Since then he has exhibited his works in Phoenix AZ, Austin TX, and Los Angeles, CA.


“I think what uplifts the souls of both art creator and observer is a sublime combination of form and content…” says Mehran.  “…for most of my life I have been making calligraphic sketches of everlasting contents to try different forms that combine the structure of a traditional art with the freedom of modern artistic expression. This journey in content and form has always been the ultimate joy of art for me.”

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