Online Calligraphy Classes - Enrollment Process

STEP 1 OF 4: Application (new students only):

Filling in the application for online calligraphy classes would be the first step. You can find this application here:

STEP 2 OF 4: Class Time Coordination (new students only):

Once the application form is filled in, we will call you and during this call we will set your class hour. In this phone conversation we would also answer all possible questions that you might have.

STEP 3 OF 4: Pay Tuition (all students):

Pay your tuition fee by debit card, credit card, or paypal account. Here is the link where you can pay your tuition:

Note 1: New students can choose between paying $240 for the full semester SA (three month) or paying $120 for a trial period (one month); once the trial period is over the student may choose to pay another $120 for the rest of the semester SA. This would ONLY apply to new students who wish to try the classes. 

Note 2: Once you completed with the checkout process you will receive a confirmation number and a receipt via email. Please keep this email and receipt number for your reference.

STEP 4 OF 4: Basic Calligraphy Tools Packet (new students only):

Once we are done with Step 1 through Step 3, the last step before beginning of the classes would be shipping your basic calligraphy tools packet. Please allow 7-14 days for your package to arrive.

      Q: How much would this package cost?

      A: The basic calligraphy tools package is a complementary package and you would not pay for it.

      Q: I have paid $120.00 for a one month trial; would I still get a complementary package?

      A: Yes, you would.

      Q: What are the calligraphy tools included in the basic calligraphy tools packet?

      A: This package would include four (4) Persian calligraphy pens (sharpened), an inkwell, dry ink chips, and one page instruction on how to set up your ink. There would be recommendations for you as for the "paper" and "writing pad" during the first session.


Any Other Questions?

You may find the answer to your question in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


For any further questions, please Contact Us via email or call us at the following numbers: