Students' Testimonials (Farsi Classes, Mrs Lashkari)

Hello; my name is Mohammad Danial Alamdari and i am currently 16 years old and have had one of the most amazing experiences with khanom farangez lashkari. Teaching me and also my sisters, Golnar Alamdari age 19 and Sara Alamdari age 15, since 1998! I have never met such an enthusiastic woman in my life, eager to teach about Iranian culture, language, and heritage. She has been my teacher for more than half my life. She not only taught us how to read, right, and speak fluently but she also taught us FUN Iranian games, traditional dances, and heroic stories. Growing up, all the children around me were always reading and talking about childhood stories or fairy tales such as Cinderella, and the stories by Dr. Sues. I felt a little behind because it wasn't that interesting and did not feel like something i could go and talk about with my mamanbozorg but when khanom Lashkari came for our farsi class she would also incorporate Legendary heroic ancient iranian tales of Rostam and more, and also she would help us read stories such as Hassan Catchal which allowed me to experiences the same feelings the rest of the children my age were having and these stories i could go and talk about with my mamanbozorg. We would play all these fun filled games where we would sing Iranian songs, poems, and learn iranian styled dances and games! it was so much fun! and not only have my sisters and i learned to read and write in farsi fluently but we also have been able to learn about iranian dances and fun filled iranian style games, songs, poems, and more! 


Mohammad, Golnar, and Sara Alamdari

To whom may concern:

My name is Maria I want to let you know Ms. lashgari was my teacher for 5

years I really appriciate her hardworking I learned alot from her.


Maria. Derakhshan

Hi :

I just want to confirm that ms. lashgari was my farsi teacher and I was so happy with her .she was my teacher for about 4 years .


Shahla Lavasani

To whom it may concern:

 This is Romisa Morakabi. I am 17 years old and Ms.LASHGARY was my Farsi teacher for 3 years. She thought me perfectly how to write and read Farsi. I really enjoyed being her student. She is a really patient teacher. She made the class so intresting for me that I never gave up.

Romisa Morakabi

My name is Shabahang Ardaghi and I know Ms. Lashkary for many years. She is a very kind, honest, patient, and amazing teacher.  She taught my children and my wife for more than a year, grammar and proper writing and reading in Persian. During that time my wife and I did not see anything except kindness and hard work from Ms.

Lashkary.  She has taken it to heart the responsibility to teach Iranians the proper way of our mother language, convincing children of Iranian immigrants to learn Persian, and it feels like that goal became her objective. 

I personally feel that she did a great job teaching my sons and wife. Unfortunately, because of our busy schedule we were not able to continue these classes.  Looking back now, we regret not making time for them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Shabahnag Aradaghi

Hello, my name is Kaveh and I am a former student of Ms. Lashkari's. Here is a review I wrote for her:

Growing up as an Iranian-American in Southern California definitely had its challenges. I found myself trying to assimilate into mainstream society and attempting to be more “American.” However, by embracing only American norms and ideals, I found myself ignoring my true side—my Iranian culture. I give thanks to Ms. Lashkari for helping me embrace my roots. Ms. Lashkari taught me how to read and write in Farsi (Persian), and this opened up an entirely new world for me. At first, I did not realize the great impact that learning Farsi had on my life. My parents wanted me to learn the language so that I could communicate with friends and relatives, and also to truly experience the beauty of our culture. Throughout college, I encountered many Iranian-Americans who did not have a strong command of Farsi. These people wished that they had learned the language earlier on in their lives, for it would have given them a much more enriching experience of the Iranian culture. Taking Farsi class with Ms. Lashkari was one of the best decisions my parents ever made for me. Not only can I communicate with other members of our community, but I also have a great understanding of our culture. These benefits are lifelong and worth the initial effort. I highly recommend Ms. Lashkari to teach you Farsi, and I hope you enjoy all of the benefits along the way.  

Kevin Moghtanei

To whom it may concern,

When I was in college my Persian classmates made fun on my Farsi accent.Since I started my Farsi lessons with Mrs Lashkari not only she corrected my accent,also I learned a lot of Farsi litrature in a very short time.Her long time experience in teaching makes her lessons so easy and interesting.

Truly yours,

Mary Abed

My name is Shirin Moghtanei (a former student of Mrs. Lashkari)

Mrs. Lashkari was my Persian language teacher during my junior high/early high school years. She not only taught me how to read and write at an advanced level, Mrs. Lashkari also taught me about the Persian history and culture. The civilization is rich in history and arts which can be appreciated better when learning the language. The latter half of my education with Mrs. Lashkari, I had exposure to the religion of Islam and learned about the peaceful and calming prayer process. Mrs. Lashkari was instrumental in my appreciation of Persian culture; to this day I thank her for the exposure to poetry, short stories, and valuable life lessons.

Shirin Moghtanei