Persian Wedding Cards

We provide our customers with elegant Persian wedding cards (کارت عروسی) with a beautiful Persian calligraphy wedding logo on the cover of the cards. This Persian wedding logo is a custom-made combination bride and grooms' names intertwined. Brides are usually provided with multiple hand-written calligraphic drafts for the Persian wedding logo design. Once the logo is selected and finalized its the content of invitation will be drafted and finalized. The calligraphic design in the English part of the wedding card is computer generated while the Farsi part is usually hand-written calligraphy. Many brides decide to use their Persian wedding logo on their Persian wedding spread (Sofreh Aghd), on the wedding cake, one the wedding bread (Sangak), and et al.

Check out our Sample Persian Wedding Logos and also Blank Wedding Cards to get ideas about the design of your wedding logo and card. Then think about the content of your wedding cards -content of the invitation- if you have not done that; you may want to check out the Invitation Content Ideas. Then you can place your Order Here.

If you happen to be in Los Angeles Area you might come and pick them up yourself. Otherwise, we ship your cards/envelops to your address anywhere in the world.


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